Only One Perspective Counts

frisbee golfOne of the things we like to do as a family is to play Frisbee golf. What makes it an extreme sport is to play at the rustic cabin we stay at in the summer. You see, there are no baskets for the Frisbees to be shot into. We start at the cabin and then head out from there. The next “hole” could be a tree stump, a bush, a fallen tree, or wherever the winner of the last hole decides.
What makes this choice “interesting” is that the person choosing the next hole chooses it from their perspective. But what tree are we throwing to when they all look alike? The other three family members can be standing right next to them and not know where they’re throwing. The simple instruction “the tree straight ahead” is not the same to all four players. It isn’t until all of us stand in the exact same spot as the person choosing does “the tree straight ahead” mean the same to the entire family.
Who’s perspective are you living by – yours or Jesus’? If you want the peace, security and love Jesus offers, you must see life from His perspective. Understand, though, you can be standing 6 inches from Him and still not see what He’s seeing for your life. You must stand in His shoes to get His perspective, which is found by standing in the Word of God while listening to Spirit of God. The Spirit helps us to understand what we’re reading in the Word. Make sure when you’re reading God’s word today that you’re asking for His help. If not, you could be aiming at the wrong tree and lose that hole!
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