Set Free to Go Forward

broken chainsI’ve got houses with dogs on almost every street where I walk and talk with Jesus. One night while walking, I let them get to me…bad. I’d bark back at them, which only made them bark all the louder. I know, smart move on my part. It was just that all the barking was getting under my skin and I simply reacted.
On another night time walk and talk, it was the same houses, same dogs, same barking; yet this time, I simply laughed. Their insistent barking didn’t bother me, let alone keep me from enjoying my walk-talk with Jesus.
It was the same situation; yet the results were totally different. Why? It was what was going on inside of me that matter. I was wrestling with something one night while the next time I passed by their howling, I was in a different place…mentally.
Sometimes the chains that prevent us from being free are more mental than physical. Jesus set us free. Why, then, do we let others keep us in chains? Our reaction (using our drug of choice or experiencing a sense peace) to life (like barking dogs) is based upon where our focus is – inner thinking or physical stimuli. Choose Jesus. Laughter is indeed good medicine.
Set “FREE” Nowww

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