Season’s Greetings

seasonsNo, I’m not one of those who start talking about Christmas before Thanksgiving. I’m talking about the seasons that I’m experiencing right now in Colorado. The aspen and maple trees are turning beautiful shades of deep red and bright yellow. It’s pure joy to take the walk and talks with my Jesus here.
The picture aspen grove has trees right next to each other, where some have dropped their leaves while others are still crammed full. They are probably from the same root; and yet, are reacting to the weather completely different.
As a child of God, be comfortable in the skin God gave you. As His workmanship, you don’t get to create who you are. This is the sole prerogative of the King. It’s your job to accept how He’s made you and then follow wherever He leads. It’s pure joy to operate how He made you, not how He created someone else.
Just as some trees shed their leaves at different times, you’ll bear fruit at different times than other believers. You are a secure, valuable child of God. It’s okay to be who He made you, a valuable lesson from this time of year.
“S”et Free Nowww

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