Prayer’s Warriors

prayer armorWe saw last time that our walkie-talkie is our last piece of God-given armor. Let that sink in. As a secure child of God, you can talk with the victorious Commander-in-Chief at any moment. You are that special to Jesus. That alone should make your day.
Now, let’s finish this thought from Ephesians 6:18. Paul writes on, “With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the holy ones (saints).”
The word “always” means to do something continually. In this case, using your walkie-talkie for other children of God (saints). We’re to stay awake (alert), ready to do battle for each other. I know I talked about this last week, but the Spirit put upon my heart to reiterate this truth. We need each other to fight our battle with us.
It’s interesting that the word for “struggle” in verse 12 describes a wrestling match. Now, wrestling is usually a one on one match. Yet, the Spirit is telling us, “Why fight fair against your enemy? He won’t. Why should you?” It’s a wrestling match where more than one wrestler can enter the ring. We must have each others’ backs. Soldiers do not go to war alone and neither should believers.
First, have someone who is entering the ring with you. Second, be ready for the Spirit to nudge you to use your walkie-talkie at any time, day or night, work or at play, to do battle on each others’ behalf. And finally, don’t be afraid to text/call/email/Skype/Facebook messenger or whatever other device you have at your disposal to reach out to your prayer warriors so they can do battle for you…no matter what time of day it is! Battles are not always fought when it’s convenient. But they will be won as we hit our knees for each other.
You need it. They need it. And we both win when we do it.
“S”et Free Noww“W”

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