Prayer’s Armor

prayer walkingWe live in a communication savvy society. Yet, most of us are lousy God talkers. Ephesians 6 talks about the believer’s armor; and yet, we often fail to recognize prayer as our last piece of equipment.
I want to translate Ephesians 6:18 literally. Paul writes, “through all prayer and petitions pray at all times in the Spirit.”
First, there is no stoppage in Paul’s discourse between verse 17 and 18. Second, the verb “pray” is in a form that takes its meaning from the previous verb “take” in verse 17. Thus, the believer is instructed to take their helmet, their sword and now their communication device/prayer. Just as we are to keep wearing our helmet and swinging our sword, we must keep talking with Jesus through the Spirit “at all times.”
What part of “all” doesn’t take into consideration what time of day it is? If you stop talking with Jesus, you’re going to have an extremely tough time experiencing victory over “the devil’s schemes,” who’s goal is to get you to take your drug of choice (i.e. satisfy your needs your way).
Keep your communication lines open. Be ready to hear Jesus give you vital intel on the battle coming your way. He will show you when and where to use the Sword – the specific lie-fighting truths you’ve input into your brain, and where to put your shield of faith in those truths to ward off the flaming lies heading your way. Keep talking with Him.
Here’s a closing thought. If you talk to yourself, why not catch yourself and take that same time to talk with Jesus. He is the power source on the path to victory.
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