Brain Blockage

Telepathy“Recent neuroscience research shows the brain works in a protective way, resistant to change. Therefore, any goals that require substantial behavioral change or thinking-pattern change will automatically be resisted. The brain is wired to seek rewards and avoid pain or discomfort, including fear. When fear of failure creeps into the mind of the goal setter it commences to be a de-motivator with a desire to return to known, comfortable behavior and thought patterns.”
Paul describes this battle perfectly in Galatians 5 as a war between the flesh and the Spirit. The Spirit wants to change our lives in a substantial way by separating us from ourselves to make us more like Jesus (aka sanctification). This will hurt as it demands change.
Yet, your brain will attempt to block this change! This isn’t completely bad news! Why? One, you now understand where the real battle lies. Two, you can change your thinking by exchanging your old thoughts with God’s thoughts from the Word of God. And three, you have the Spirit of God to give you the power to overcome the brain/flesh’s powerful resistance..if you choose to use it!
Work through the brain’s blockage by choosing to believe the Word and Spirit of God will make your life better. It’s not going to be easy, but it can be done.
Set Fr”E”e Nowww

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