Dangerous Information

dangerI’m paraphrasing something I read the other day, but here it is. If discipleship was simply about giving people biblical knowledge, then the demons are the best disciples around!
Western Christianity has adopted the lie that knowledge equates to a mature faith. Yet this simply is not true! The author of Hebrews says a mature believer is one who knows how to use biblical truth to discern good and evil and then attempts to live it out (“trained in righteousness”). They know how to actually use biblical truth to make decisions that draw them closer to Jesus. Folks, you haven’t learning anything until what you’ve heard changes your life, until then you’ve just been exposed to information.
This goes right along with the biblical meaning of the word disciple. It means a person who takes the data they’ve heard from the teacher and lets it change their life. In fact, a disciple is not a disciple until their live has been changed! Believe me when I say that demons have not been discipled! Their lives have not and are not being transformed by Christ. Is yours?
If so, biblical information is freeing. If not, it’s dangerous as it leaves you with a head filled with data, but an empty heart and an unchanged life. Is that why you trusted Jesus in the first place? I don’t think so; and if you’re honest, neither do you.
It’s hard to walk what you know because there is nothing more challenging and empowering than to say no to yourself and yes to Jesus. Real eternal living starts with saying yes to Jesus. Please say yes today!
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