Do Real

realI was greeting a couple one day at service when they asked, “How are you doing?” You know my immediate response, “Fine!” Then I stopped and told them the truth, “In reality, I’m struggling at the moment, but am pressin’ on. We do real here at New Hope.” I knew they were struggling as well and hiding that fact wasn’t going to help them; therefore, I knew I had to model realness before them.
Abraham, a faith Hall of Famer, had just come off a great victory in rescuing his nephew Lot, experienced fear and doubt. Would his new enemies regroup and attack? Where was the heir he so desperately needed? God came and said, “I am your great reward and shield. Can you count the stars? Nope, but you’ll have more children than you can imagine.”
We all need encouragement to keep making the necessary daily choices to follow Jesus. Sometimes, God encourages us Himself; but more often than not, He uses others…if we do real. The Spirit writes in James 5:16 that if we want our lives changed/made whole/healed, we must let a few people into our struggles so they can be there and pray for us.
Who are you doing real with?
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