God is not an Entertainer

miracleI was visiting someone who was quite down in the mouth. They were visibly upset at the turn of events in their life. They asked a very interesting question, “Why won’t God give me a miracle?” My answer surprised even me, “Are you ready for one?”
The point was, “Were they ready to follow Jesus if He did?” Understand, God is not in the entertainment business. If and when Jesus performs a miracle, it’s to get you to take further steps of faith to walk with and closer to Him.
During Jesus’ trial, Pilate sent Jesus to King Herod, who “when he saw Jesus, he was very glad, for he had long desired to see him, because he had heard about him, and he was hoping to see some sign done by Him.” (Lk. 23:8) Remember that Herod had John the Baptist killed because of being entertained by a female dancer. Jesus did nothing but kept silent. Herod wasn’t ready.
God is God, not an entertainer. He does what He does to get us to allow Him to change our lives, not make them easier. In fact, following Jesus is tough, very tough at times. I believe that one of the reasons we don’t see more miracles is that we simply want to be wowed and razzle-dazzled by God, rather than love Him through our obedience.
Want a miracle? Be ready to exercise the truth by faith empowered by the Spirit when He asks you to surrender or do something, no matter how tough it may be.
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