Will It True

imageThis is a picture of where scriptural prophecy came true in an instant on May 14, 1948. This instant was the moment David Ben-Gurion declared Israel to be a nation right in this room.
In the days leading up to this declaration, the U.S. Secretary of State George Marshall knew the Arab world would declare war once this took place. He knew the odds were strongly against Israel surviving such a conflict; and therefore, tried to apply world pressure to put off Ben-Gurion’s declaration.
What made Ben-Gurion do it? Conviction and belief in the Jewish people having their own homeland. The man pictured, Theodore Herzl, said, “If you will it, it is no dream.” Ben-Gurion was willing this dream to come true.
Just as the odds were against Israel surviving its War of Independence, the odds are against the believer in Jesus. We live in a fallen world. Our brains have been sin stained. Our flesh is embedded with old thought patterns, all which conspire to wipe out the believer’s progress of becoming like Jesus.
Are we doomed? Not if your biblical convictions are strong. The conviction that the Word and Spirit of God can change your life is crucial. Each day, with each decision you make, you can give into world pressure or declare your independence from the sin-confession cycle.
You have been given a new mind – Christ’s. You have been given a new nature – Christ’s. The issue now is your will. If you will it, choosing to stand up against tremendous odds, it’s no dream. Despite the odds, you will see your life changed if and when you choose to exercise the truth by faith empowered by the Spirit.
Set Fre”E” Nowww

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