Reclamation Projects

People throw their trash in the hills by my house. It was there that I saw the most interesting thing. A black bag of trash, which someone had illegally dumped, had been ripped and now grass was now growing out of whatever was in it! This new grass would provide food for some of the wild animals that roam these hills.
There is hope for all reclamation projects like you and me! People give up on us; yet our Father doesn’t. People discard us like garbage, but our Jesus doesn’t. We think we can never be used of God again; however, the Spirit uses us anyways.
God loves to take reclamation projects and beautify them. So, keep sharing Jesus with those the Spirit wants you to cast seeds into the soils of their life. You never know. Grass just might start growing out of that person’s garbage decisions, which in turn can help other believers grow closer to Jesus.
Never give up on yourself or others. Thank the Father, Jesus doesn’t!
Set Free “N”owww

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