Renewable Energy

Jesus – the true source of renewable energy.
I recently went to the Colorado River for a men’s retreat. On the first day, the guys were up and going by 6:30am. But come the next morning, after a day in the hot sun, it would have taken a bomb to get them up! Why? Summer heat drains physical energy.
In Psalm 32, David writes that when he kept silent about his sin (i.e. never acknowledged it let alone confessed it to receive forgiveness) his strength was zapped just like these men.
Tired of being tired? There could be a physical cause, but it also could be spiritual. When the Spirit wants to draw you closer to Jesus through removing a sinful thought/attitude/action, there will be consequences if you ignore Him. Psalm 32:4 states, “Night and day Your hand was heavy upon me.” This heaviness can lead to physical and emotional (depression) exhaustion.
The solution is to acknowledge your sin, confess it to Jesus, get forgiveness and then start the FREEdom process to see your life changed. As you do, you’ll find energy you never thought you had.
So if you are tired of being tired, by all means seek medical help, but don’t forget to take care of the obvious first: Slow down and listen to Jesus. It just might be His hand on your shoulder!

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