Funny , Sad and True

Speak Lord.
I had to smile when I heard someone say, “I’m not worth much, but I sure think about myself a lot.”
We are the source of many of our challenges; and yet, we think about how we will solve those challenges or about how life would be so much better if people just did what we wanted them to do.
We need to follow the advice Eli gave Samuel in 1 Samuel 3. When challenges come, we should be saying, “Speak Lord.” He can see around the corner, we can’t. He can see tomorrow, we can’t. And most of all, He is Savior, we are not.
Daily living requires daily decisions by broken people. Increase your listening capacity. And your Savior will not only save you from death (separation from the good stuff now and forever), but will also turn your brokenness into wholeness.

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