Just a Closer Walk

Love chooses to surrender.
I received the following from a friend. “Absolute surrender is not about me getting closer to God, but allowing God to get closer to me.” I jokingly threw the card back at the person who gave it to me. Jesus was talking, but I really didn’t want to listen at the moment.
The statement begged the question, “Do I want Him closer to me?” As Jesus believers, we have God the Father, the Son and the Spirit living inside us. Can’t get any closer than that, right? Yet, we all know we can stand right next to someone and be a hundred miles away.
We think various thoughts, say certain words and make all kinds of choices that keep Him at arm’s length. Why?
We don’t believe our lives will be better by having Him closer. We love Jesus, but only so far. Can’t be too religious, right? Wrong. Keeping Him at a distance only hurts us!
If we love Jesus, we will want the length of our arms to shrink. This means giving up control of those choices that drown out His voice from being heard and presence from being felt. Let Him grow your love for Him; and, you will experience the benefits of a closer walk with Jesus.

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