Seed Within

Your worst day can be a source of hope for others.
This is an Acacia tree or as the KJV translates it in Exodus 25:5 שִׁטָּה or Shita/Shittim. It produces a fruit that contains 19-20% protein – a powerful source of life when eaten by wild animals.
Around the seed within that fruit is a wax like substance that must be melted away before that seed can reproduce more fruit. This wax is removed by the acids in the animal’s stomach. Thus, when the animal eliminates that seed, it is now ready to reproduce another tree with more fruit. Notice the process: The seed can’t simply fall from the tree and reproduce. It must first go through an animal.
You can see where I’m going with this. We must choose to taste and see that the Lord is good by putting the Word of God into our hearts and minds and then allowing the Spirit to empower us to make Jesus choices using it. This leads to life-change that not only gives us hope for today, but for a whole lot of tomorrows as well.
We often, though, feel unworthy to share this Jesus story with others. Yet, even when we step in it, the Spirit can use what He’s already done in our lives to plant more fruit producing seeds into the lives of others.
We carry the seed of hope, Jesus (Lk. 8:11; Rev. 19:13), within us. God wants to use even our crappiest days to get it out of us and into the lives of others to make their lives better.
For this to happen, we must take our eyes off our challenges/bad days, put them onto Jesus, our hope for today and for tomorrow, and be ready to share Jesus with those the Spirit gives us opportunity. Your worst day can become their best day for eternity.

Run Toward the Battle

The fight is already won, if only we’d fight.
This picture was taken from a drone high above the site where King Saul made his encampment across from the Philistines at the Elah Valley (1 Samuel 17:1-3). It’s on a hilltop overlooking the valley. I know. I climbed it!
It was here that young David came with supplies for his brothers. It was here that David heard Goliath make his outlandish challenge. And it was from here that David said he’d take that challenge in the name of his God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
I feel led to share two things from this story. First, David didn’t take up the fight in his own strength. And second, he ran toward the battle, toward the giant.
Saul’s men, including David’s older brothers, stayed behind these walls shaking in fear; a fear that came because they knew they couldn’t defeat this giant, let alone face him in own open combat.
Our enemy taunts us to fight him, knowing full well we won’t, which only increases are defeatist mindset.
The only way to defeat our Goliaths is to face them head on with the powerful truths Jesus has given us in His word. One of which is that the fight is already won by Jesus! We are, not will be or were, more than conquerors through Jesus.
Face your enemy. Run toward him in Jesus’ name. And slay him through the power Jesus has given you – His truth and His Spirit.

Don’t Get Caught

This pictures a community worship location. On the floor are beautiful mosaics. Yet two caught my eye. One spoke of the Messiah coming and another of the Zodiac, a fashion symbol of the day. This group was caught between two worlds. One where they worshiped the Living God, and one where they worshipped being part of the “in the crowd”.
Jesus said you can’t serve two masters. You will love one and hate the other. You can’t have it both ways. This group, had in effect, created an idol in their heart (See Ezekiel 14:3).
If we are not careful, we can allow aspects of our culture to become the god we worship. Studies show as our social media usage increases, our ability to critically think decreases. In other words, our biblical filter can fail; thus letting sinful/destructive thoughts into our brains. In this case, we can let culture determine our choices instead of Jesus.
Don’t get caught between two worlds. Keep your shield of faith up no matter where you get your information! Days of deceit (false news) are increasing, but we can see through it by focusing on the Word of God, Jesus.