Keep Getting Up

Fall seven times stand up eight.
“Fort Negey was a complex constructed as a multi-tiered defensive fortification,” read the sign at this Civil War Monument in Nashville, Tennessee. After the city of Nashville surrendered to the Union Army, this fort was built in order to defend the city from being retaken by the Confederate Army.
The upper picture is what part of the fort looked like after it was finished. The lower picture is what this same section looks like today. The upper could actually defend the city. The lower couldn’t defend it against anything, much less erosion. Why? Neglect.
Jesus freed you from slavery through surrendering to Him. Jesus also gave you biblical weapons – the FREEdom process – to defend yourself from being retaken by slavery to your drug of choice.
Whether you’ve neglected them or not, a secure child of God, who is in the process of being saved, will keep using the FREEdom process no matter how many times they fall! Going backwards is the only road open to those who neglect to use them.
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