Useful Faith

Promises left unused are like leaves floating on the wind.
A life lived by faith is the only life worth living. God made all kinds of promises in the Book of Books; and yet, people leave them on its pages. These promises were made to be lived out through faith based action.
For example, God says in 1 John 1:9 that if we confess our sins, He will forgive them. He wrote it down in blood. It’s there on the pages of Scripture for all to see.
How many, however, leave that promise in black and white by carrying around tremendous baggage from their past and/or current mistakes?
A Jesus given faith is one who takes hold of that promise by confessing/acknowledging their sin to God; and then, believes their sins are truly covered and paid for by Jesus. They are gone. Never to brought up again by Jesus…ever. So, why do we? Leaving that baggage behind is a useful faith.
This is the same process for all the other promises God wrote down in Scripture. How about today taking just one of those 1,000s of promises in the Book and doing what it says; and, believing God will do what He says.
This is the only way to a useful and satisfying faith in Christ.

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