Complaining to Changing

Oh, cool your jets!
One year my family took a vacation to Arizona…in the summer! Yes, it was hot and muggy and we loved it.
While there, we visited a cavern near Williams. It was fantastic! One minute you’re sweating bullets and the next you’re putting on a sweatshirt.
It was funny, though. One minute we heard people complaining about the weather; and then, a mere few minutes later, we could hear praises coming from their lips.
Yes, they were complaining as it was hot. But, they did something about it! They went to a place that was cool, a savior if you will.
Jesus is The Savior. He is the one who can fix our hot challenges through being our refuge – a cool cavern of escape.
Prayer is not a cliché. It’s diving into the cave to cool off. Meditation on the truths the Spirit gives is not Christianeze. It’s the solution that keeps our minds at peace when we’re hot from losing.
If want to stop losing, don’t complain about it. Do something. Go to the cool cavern of Jesus and the Truths He gives you to make you more like Him.
To complain or to get better – that’s the question. Your Savior is the answer.

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