Work the Problem

Expectations can lead to fewer distractions.
I was reminded of an important truth as I read an article on the Yukon Quest – a 1,600km dogsled race from Whitehorse, Yukon to Fairbanks, Alaska.
The author wrote, “The question is not whether bad things will happen during the Yukon. It’s how the mushers (dogsled drivers) will react to those bad things.”
Mushers must physically and mentally prepare for bad things to happen on the trail. This allows them to stay focused on finishing the race by working the problem and moving forward.
We live in a fallen world. Life happens to every single Jesus follower. Why, then, should we be distracted from loving Jesus when bad things happen?
If we’re mentally prepared, we’ll allow the Spirit to use those “bad things” to transform our lives into more Christlike character qualities.
Bad things come from one of three sources: our bad choices, other’s bad choices or the enemy throws the kitchen sink at us (Job 1).
If the problem is self-inflicted, be prepared to ask the Spirit to expose the lies in your thinking and exchange them with truths from God’s word. Then when similar situations arise, ask the Spirit to empower you to obey the newly inputted truth.
This way, you eliminate the bad thing from happening in the first place as the truth set you free from the bad choice that caused the bad thing to occur.
If the problem arises from without, ask the Spirit to show you something about Jesus you need to know. This way you can make a good choice to love Him in the midst of the bad situation.
In so doing, you become more like Jesus despite what others do, which keeps you free from the negative emotions, thoughts, words and actions that others wanted to create in you.
So, don’t be surprise when bad things happen. Work the problem and keep moving toward becoming more like Jesus in the midst of them!

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