Growth Through Discomfort

Civilization cannot grow and thrive if lies and distortions rule the roost.
And neither can becoming more like Jesus and/or reaching a God-given vision. Let me explain.
I believe the Spirit told me to enter a certain program in order to reach a “Philippian Jailer” type of person. Sound crazy? Yes, but is it a lie?
Naw. This vision passes the truth test as there are just too many biblical stories (Samaritan woman, demoniac man, Ethiopian eunuch, Roman Centurion, etc.) where just such a thing occurred.
This type of vision, though, often requires one to get out of their comfort zone, culturally and sometimes physically. In my case, in order to get into the program, I would have to change my lifestyle and mindset to physically train. Distortion?
Nope. Paul let himself be physically beaten to get close to the jailer. He even let go of his cultural rights (i.e. Roman citizenship) to get it done.
These past eight months of training have caused all kinds of emotional, physical and spiritual pain. I experienced aches and pains, doubts, and fears of being wrong. I’m not proud of it, just being real, I even had less than stellar conversations with Jesus.
Yet, through Spirit powered faith, I kept trying to hold onto the truth that I heard correctly in order to keep training when I certainly didn’t want to do it.
And because my Bible Impact partners and those at my home church shared this journey with me through prayer and encouragement, I experienced a miracle. I literally flew through the physical test. Jesus got me into the program!
You can’t grow in your faith without truth. Why? Change brings discomfort with it. You need it to fight the lies and distortions your enemy will use to get you to stop growing through that discomfort to do what Jesus is asking you to do. Get it and hold onto it.
“Now Lord, where is that jailer?!”

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