Peace Through Preparation

To walk in peace, one must be prepared.
When I saw the words Krav Maga in an article, my interest piqued. A friend of mine had trained in this style of self-defense.
I learned it was originally developed to “combat the gangs of thugs in Eastern Europe” who hassled Jews in the 1930’s.
The mindset behind it, though, was that you never looked for a fight, never started a fight, but were always prepared if you had to fight. This way one could walk in peace.
Believers need to have this same mindset: walk in peace through being prepared to fight.
You might be saying, fight? Yup. Think about the following. Why didn’t Joshua take out all the cities and giants before turning the Land over to the 12 tribes? He certainly had the faith to do it.
Scripture gives us the reason. The Lord wanted to teach each generation about warfare. Satan didn’t want the Israelites in the Land…at all. He knew Who would be born in the Land if they stayed – Jesus, the one who would crush him.
Even if all the giants were gone, he would bring other nations to get rid of them. Therefore, they would need to know how to fight if they were to live peacefully in the Land.
We live on a planet where the prince is a thug. And the only way to walk in peace is to be prepared to fight him using your Spirit-given tools, specific truths (see Ephesians 6).
Most of your battles will be emotional, intellectual and spiritual. Are you armed with the specific truths the Spirit is waiting to put into your shield of faith?
Peace of mind, despite trying times, comes through preparation. Stay in and with the Word of God – Jesus. He knows your future battles. Let Him prepare you for tomorrow’s fights today.

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