Thankful for the Bloom

Bloom as you were planted.
There used to be large swatches of wheat fields by my house long before the houses came. I loved listening to the wind blow through the kernel filled tops as I walked through them. These fields taught me the day to day reality of the seeds parable.
One day, I stopped and examined two wheat stalks standing side by side. They were planted in the same rich soil, soaked in the same amount of sunshine, and received the same amount of rain as they stood next to each other.
Yet, despite all this sameness, each stalk had different kernel amounts! Why? The seed, not the elements, determined their final tally.
Mark 4 tells us that the seed is the Word of God or Jesus. He determines what will be produced in our lives as we listen to and follow Him. Here, then, are a few takeaway truths from this parable.
First, be thankful for who He made you. You are a valuable wheat stalk in Christ Jesus (Eph. 2:10). Your Father made you who you are for a reason. Thus, He will use you to touch lives, make healthy Jesus disciples, just as He made you. So bloom as you were planted and thank Him for it today.
And second, stop looking around at how He made others! You are not someone else for a reason as well. Therefore, instead of complaining about who you are not, start thanking Him for who you are in Christ. Bloom as you were planted and thank Him for it today.
The Father paid a heavy price, the life of His Son, to make you who He made you to be. Be thankful for it by blooming as you are planted.

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