Easier Road Sometimes is Harder Road

“No one stares up at the Northern Lights and says, ‘Wow, I’m incredible.’” Pete Grieg
Many of my hikes are taken in places where there can appear to be easier than other paths to take.
Pictured is one of them. The dirt path on the way out was full of ruts I needed to avoid in order to not twist my ankles. So when I got to the point where I needed to turn back home, I noticed this opening in the fence.
Entering that opening would make my return walk shorter and easier. I had a choice to make. I could enter the opening and walk on the easier paved path saving twisted ankles. Or, I could by pass the opening and take the longer more difficult path home.
Obviously, I wanted to take the shorter and easier path until I remembered an important fact. I took the easier route before only to discover there was no such opening at the other end!
My shorter route then became much, much longer as I had to back track to the fence opening; and then, take the longer more difficult route home.
Our walks with Jesus are much like this opening in the fence. Life is not about easy! It’s about loving Him. And sometimes, the longer, more difficult route is best because of what Jesus wants us to experience with Him.
Filter your choices through Jesus. He is the Way/Path to real living in these very uncertain times in which we find ourselves.
If not, hopefully, you’ll learn from your mistakes like I did.

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