Threat or Threatened

“A battleship in harbor is safe, but that’s not what it was made for.” Anonymous
I’ve played sports all my life; and, I’ve never ever had an opponent do something to me while I sat on the sidelines. Why? I’m not in the game; and thus, am no threat.
Once I stepped onto the field of play, however, I’ve now become a threat. They must make a plan to keep me from defeating them.
Right now, with so many born-again Christians sitting on the sidelines (listening to and following their own “Christianized” dreams and goals), Satan gets a lot of credit for doing nothing!
Real spiritual attack comes from being in the game, which means listening to and following Jesus, not self, every day everywhere.
If this isn’t you, it’s time to repent and be who the Father made you – a secure child of God who experiences His presence and victory as you go about your daily living.
As you do, you’ll fulfill a purpose for being here (Matt. 28) despite the increased spiritual warfare that comes with it.
Be a threat to your enemy, not threatened by him. He’s a loser because he follows himself. You’re a winner because you’re in and follow Jesus.
Our current world needs you to get into the game!

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