The Human Touch

“Love one another as I have loved you – Jesus.”
It’s being called “touch deprivation.” The negative physical and emotion effects of not touching another human is coming to the forefront due to the social distancing caused by Covid19.
We need human connection. God put this in us. In fact, the Spirit gave Jesus followers over 33 one-another commands or acts of obedience to do together as believers.
This is the definition of church, plain and simple: a group of people walking toward and becoming like Jesus…together!
Yet, people are being trained to avoid each other, let alone smile at someone as they walk by them.
This cannot happen to Jesus followers while we say we are His church. Covid or no Covid, you can still touch other believers! Isolation or not, you can be church!
A friend picked up the phone to give me a word from the Lord…that I didn’t want, but needed to hear! A friend texted me just to see how I was doing. Other friends meet with me face to face across a table; while still another meets across the back-end of a truck.
Our faith in Jesus is not a solo act. Obeying the Spirit to be church is doable, no matter the circumstances!
As people are starving for human connection, allow the Spirit to use you to give it. A smile and a hello, a basic human touch, can go a long way!

Culture Change

“Be the one who knows why they walk with Jesus.”
The Pew Forum took a survey in 2019. They discovered that 65% of Americans view themselves as Christians. This roughly equates to 213 million people claiming to follow Jesus, which is the definition of Christian.
Now, what if those 213 million Christians actually loved Jesus, which means obeying Him rather than the prevailing thought; became like Jesus, which means personally experiencing their lives changed to think, talk and choose like Jesus; and then shared with others what Jesus had done in their lives?
Our country would be much different than it currently is, right?
Yet, Christian leadership has failed. They were and are too busy teaching people what to think rather than giving them the tools to know how to think biblically so they can reason through the Scriptures and arrive at the what for themselves (1 Peter 3:15).
Want proof? Go to any college campus today, though I could include high schools as well. And, you’ll find the same thing I found some 40 years ago – boat loads of Christians who were raised in the church, but who stopped following Jesus.
How did this happen? Jesus said, “My sheep listen to My voice and follow Me.” If the sheep don’t get the tools to do this, when they are challenged by smart teachers and professors, they’ll end up saying, “Well, this is what my pastor taught me.” Or, “This is what my church believes.”
Following Jesus is not their own reasoned faith, but their pastor’s, priest’s or denomination’s.
Want to change the culture? Change the people. Want to change the people? Put them into direct contact with Jesus. Want to put them into direct contact with Jesus? Give them the tools to hear His voice and to search and reason through the Scriptures to discover what He is telling them.
Don’t know how? Contact me. I can show you. Then you can do what Jesus said in Matthew 28:18-20, “Go make disciples… baptizing them…and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”
Jesus can use you do something to change the culture…one person at a time.

Who’s Throne

“When your shoulders droop under life’s pressure, get off the throne!”
The pandemic. The election. The US capital. The media. Social media. Any one of these can lead to personal unrest depending on your point of view.
I’ve said it. Others have said it, “Remember, God is on the throne. We know how the Book ends.”
This answer still begs the question, “Which throne?” Yes, God is on the throne of the universe. The very throne Satan envied, wanted and still wants to sit on.
Yet there is another important throne – the one in your heart. It’s the seat of your will and choices.
The Jesus believer has been given Christ’s mind and nature; thus, they can make the right choices.
If the truth that God is on the throne of the universe is to mean anything to them, however, they must choose to let Jesus sit on the throne of their heart.
How do you know who’s sitting there? Examine your feelings and choices. If you are not experiencing peace, it’s you.
Peace, despite life’s pressures, will only come when you choose to listen to and then follow Jesus, the rightful heir to the throne of your heart.

Eat a Fish Sandwich

“Faith doesn’t always mean that God changes your situation. Sometimes it means He changes you.” Steven Furtick
It was getting rather late by the time Jesus was done teaching. Go figure, a long winded preacher! On this particular day, Jesus did it on purpose to see how His men would react.
5,000 people hung on His every word. And while hanging out with them, the Twelve approached Him and said, “Hey, You’ve got to disperse them now!”
He replied, “Nope, you feed them.” Their stress levels went through the roof.
After checking their pockets, they knew they didn’t have enough money to buy food for all. After checking with their eyes, they knew they didn’t have enough food either.
Jesus did this to test them. Would they resort to handling this challenge on their own or would they look to and trust Him?”
Jesus then put His plan into action. He took what they had – five loaves of bread and two fish – and made enough fish sandwiches to satisfy all 5,000 and more.
We live in very challenging days. Will your stress levels go through the roof because you’re trying to solve each day’s challenges on your own? Or, will you stay calm. Look to Jesus and ask how He wants to solve them?
Keep your blood pressure low. Eat a fish sandwich today made by Jesus.