You Gotta Want To

“Do not be afraid. Believe – Jesus.”
Jesus got a little irritated with those who kept asking for another, then another, and then yet another sign or miracle from Him. He said, “Unless you see signs and wonders you will not believe.”
Did they believe even when they saw His miracles? The overwhelming majority didn’t. In fact, when Jesus was hanging on the cross, nailed just like the pictured foot, the leaders of the day said, “Come down from the cross and we’ll believe.”
They clamored for still another miracle!
Yet, the greatest miracle of all was coming three days later – His resurrection. Did they believe then? No. Instead, they attempted to cover up the fact that Jesus was out of the grave. They just didn’t want to believe.
Choice is a wonderful thing. We have to want to believe.
Jesus puts belief in its proper place. He said if you trust or believe Him, then act on what He says. Then and only then will know it to be true and experience the freedom He promises (see John 8:31-32).
What is Jesus asking you to believe today? Believe first and then you’ll see results, not before.

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