The Forgotten Armor Piece

“Prayer warriors are not passive points on a spear. Prayer warriors engage the wicked in a spiritual battle.” Rabbi Eukel
Western individualism should end at the front door of wherever the church gathers.
The first time we place our faith in Jesus, our individualism ends. We are placed into a family (1 Cor. 12) that needs each individual to listen to and follow Jesus…together.
There is even a piece of armor that dictates this necessity (Eph. 6:11-20). We call it prayer. The actual word means to make a wish. We are to wish that our fellow Jesus followers experience perfection, see others come to faith in Jesus, are brought safely through life’s storms, and come through the fire of testing stronger than when entered.
Yet, unlike our cellphones, how much do we make use of this critical communication device? Know this. History is littered with military defeats due to lack of or poor communication/Intel.
We need other believers listening for and sharing vital Intel with us to experience victory over our common enemy, Satan (James 5:16)!
It is time to pick up that forgotten piece of armor, prayer/wishing; and, actually use it for each other. Anyone who chooses to follow Jesus is going to be persecuted. Yes, my American friends, us too.
So, please. Pick up the phone. Start making wishes and sharing the Intel. You, rather we, are needed if we are to live for and love Jesus in our current times.

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