Praisitude Leads to Altitude

Your daily choices reflect who you believe you are.
It’s been said, “If we want to know the true nature of a person, there is only one question to ask: what is it that they praise?”
The Psalms are full of praises about who God is and what He has done. He is worthy of a praisitude (yes, I made up that word!) – an attitude of praise.
Jeremiah states that if we praise worthless idols/things, we become worthless ourselves. Thus, a praisitude can elevate our attitude, which will affect our daily choices to love Jesus.
Sometimes praising God, though, is a matter of faith. We don’t feel it…yet. It’s at these moments that we show who we are, children of God.
We trust Jesus enough to praise Him despite how we feel or even when it seems illogical to do. This step of faith will raise your attitude.
Want to elevate your walk with Jesus (i.e. stop being angry, bummed out, etc.)? Let the Spirit show you truths you need to praise Jesus about; and then, begin to focus on and praise Him for them.
Your praisitude will lift your attitude to a new altitude

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