Quality Time

Getting a lot done doesn’t mean you love Jesus.

We live in an ever increasing paced world where efficiency – getting more done in less time – is the goal. Thus, we accumulate the gadgets to make that happen, like Smart Phones.

First of all, they are not smart. They can’t think! You, however, can think, reason and make smart choices. So think about the following.

Jesus said, “If you love Me, you will obey Me.” He spoke truth, correct? Thus, the opposite of this statement is also truth. If you don’t obey Him, you either don’t love Him or have lots of room to grow. Right?

God’s love for His children is secure toward us because of what Jesus did for us and the Spirit is doing in us.

Yet, that does not mean we can do whatever we want without consequences both on this planet and the moment we step into eternity. (READ 1 Cor. 3:11-15 if you doubt this statement.)

Jesus tells us to express our love toward Him through listening to and following Him. Yet, when we read His word, which shows us how to do that, are we slowing down to think, reason and then make lovingly smart choices? Or, are we just getting another thing done for the day?

Here’s a challenge. Read your Bible asking the Lord to speak to you. When He does (encouraged, challenged, convicted, wowed, etc.), stop reading and listen to the Spirit showing you how to apply what Jesus just said, today. Then ask Him for the power to then apply it, today.

This make take some time. Allowing your love for Jesus to grow, though, will be worth the quantitative and qualitative time you just spend. As your love actions will carry positively into eternity with you!

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