Situational Awareness

Pray for a stronger faith, not an easier life.

I was prayer walking while listening to music. I was so into my time with Jesus that I almost stepped on this little guy.  

I was about three feet away when I saw him sunning himself on the road.

If I wasn’t alert, two unfortunate things could have occurred. I could have stepped on him, most likely killing him; or, have been bitten by him. 

This illustrates a freedom tool. Be situationally aware of your surroundings. 

We can get so focused on ourselves that we can miss opportunities to share Jesus, hurt others by what we say or do; and/or get bit by our adversary.

This is why the Spirit encourages us to know what is going on around us. Even the strongest can trip and fall if they are not paying attention. 

Be cognizant of your circumstances. Use them to draw others and yourself closer to Jesus. 

The Father’s Timing

“It’s better to wait for the Father’s timing and have things fall into place rather than rush ahead and have them fall apart.”

The difference between a black olive and green olive is the length of time it spends on the tree. Green olives are picked before they ripen. Black olives are picked after they ripen.

Who chooses the timing of the harvest? The farmer does based on when he wants to market them.

Your Father has a purpose for your life, just like the farmer has for his olives.

You can choose to surrender to His purpose and have things fall into place or fight it and see them fall apart.

Jesus chose in the Garden of Gethsemane, where this picture was taken, to allow life to fall into place by surrendering to the Father’s plan for His life. I think that turned out pretty well, don’t you?

Learn from Jesus. Surrender to the Father’s purpose, especially when you get ancy, and life will fall into place in His prefect timing.

Talking Mountains

These mountains are just west of the city of Jericho. Can you imagine what they would say if they could speak?

They saw a massive caravan of people camping east of the Jordan River. Then they saw this mass of humanity cross the Jordan on dry ground!

They saw Jericho’s walls fall down simply because an army marched around them seven times. 

They saw a dude wearing camel skin roll up his jacket and smack the Jordan, which caused its waters to part so he could cross on dry ground. 

They saw another dude years later wearing the same get up dunking people, one of whom roamed their very hills talking with himself.

These mountains saw Israel come home. Elijah head home. John the Baptist immerse Jesus who then walked their hills being tempted by the adversary. 

They saw all this, but can’t be a witness of what God has done. Only, we can. 

Are you loving Jesus enough to let Him change your life? The world needs you to stop playing with Jesus and let Him do what He came to do – change your life today and bring you home tomorrow. 

If He is changing your life, are you praying for and taking the opportunities to share it? 

A good friend of mine once said, “Vision without action is a dream. Action without a vision is aimless. But a vision with action can change the world, one person at a time.”

Don’t play Christianity. Instead, love and share your Jesus. You CAN change the world, one person at a time.

Desert Life

This picture was taken at an Israeli desert oasis. A stream of water flows through this canyon that starts with a waterfall forming a small pool and then gathers water from the limestone rock seen here. 

This picture speaks volumes about living versus existence. How so? There are three Hebrew words for desert. 

One word implies there is water and land capable of agriculture. Thus, you can stay in one place and make a good living even in the desert!

Another word implies there is water only in oasis like this one. This means you would have to know where these oasis are and then move from oasis to oasis in order to exist. 

The last word means there is no water; thus no life, let alone existence.

Living in this world can be like a desert. It’s hot and cold and quite challenging, even in the best of times. 

And yet, Jesus didn’t come to give us existence, but life.

He said that in following Him we can know that our time on this planet has value and purpose despite its challenges. 

He said that we can make disciples or followers of Him no matter where we live or how we make our living.

Want to feel alive and not just exist? Take your Jesus given purpose seriously. Focus on helping others love, become like and share Jesus. 

As you do, you will feel fulfilled and at peace even in the desert.