Against the Current

Living fish can swim upstream. Dead fish can only float downstream.

I recently heard a heartbreaking story about an artist who is a Jesus believer in a ground breaking and very successful band.

As their faith grew, though, all members of the band realized that this person’s lyrics no longer fit the band’s image.

This person decided to leave the band, but at great cost. They have been vilified on many fronts for attempting to live out the truth Jesus is and gives them.

This is the world in which Jesus believers find themselves in today. Even though it changes your life for the better today and into the future, if you decide to live by and in the truth, expect others to try and silence you.

In Paul’s Jesus story (2 Corinthians 11-12), he asked that the Father to take away his hardship and the vilification he was facing.

God told him no. Instead He said, “My grace is enough. I will get you through it when you ask for My power.”

Paul died to his way of thinking and personally lived in the power of God. This could only come from a starting position of weakness, which is why he could write that he would rather be weak so he could experience the strength of God.

If you want to feel alive, then live the truth Jesus gives you in His Word by asking for God’s power to replace your weakness. As you do, you will become more like Jesus!

This process, however, comes with a price. Most people will not want to hear your Jesus story, even if it is set to ground breaking music.

But some will. Isn’t the some worth it?

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