“This life was not intended to be our place of perfection, but the preparation for it.” William Baxter

Last Sunday, many in Christendom celebrated Palm Sunday.  It is one of the few stories recorded in all four gospels.

Luke records Jesus making a tremendously important statement. My paraphrase, “Guys, you should have known what today was all about. You should have known why I came riding on a donkey. You should have been prepared. And because you weren’t, some horrific events will occur in your lifetime.” (Lk. 19:41-44)

John reiterates this when he records that the disciples had no clue what was happening until after Jesus rose from the grave (Jn. 12:16).

Much of Scripture is prophetic in nature. God does this to prove He wrote and you can trust His Scriptures; and, to make sure you are living each day with Him. If you do both, you will always be ready for whatever this world throws at you.

Don’t blow off what you are seeing today around the globe! God’s words are coming true before your very eyes. Is Jesus coming back this year? I don’t know.

Don’t be like the majority of Israelites, however, who were caught off guard when Jesus came riding down the Mount of Olives riding on that donkey.

Be prepared! Today, not some day in the future, live and put into flesh the truths the Spirit has given you.

Would you rather be prepared and live in victory or be caught off guard and experience defeat?

Jesus has already given you victory. It’s up to you to walk in it by faith in and power from Him. The answer is up to you.

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