God’s Perfect Design

Never think too little or too much of yourself that you move away from God’s purposeful design for you!

This acacia tree is perfectly made for the desert. It survives on little water due to its umbrella like shape that greatly reduces evaporation by protecting its roots from the hot sun.

It also has small leaves to keep evaporation low, which allows it to not only survive, but thrive in the hot desert. These leaves also give food and hydration to desert animals keeping them alive.

This was God’s design for this tree. It is not a majestic redwood or a sturdy oak. It’s a simple tree in the middle of a desert that many will never see.

It might complain, “God, why did you make me this way? You’ve got to be kidding! I’m only useful for shade, which hardly anyone will use, and feeding a few animals? Really?”

Yet this tree’s wood was made into one of the most important pieces of furniture ever made – the Ark of the Covenant. It was on top of this box of gold covered wood where God dwelt inside the Tabernacle and eventually the 1st Temple.

The moment you placed your faith in Jesus, you became God’s workmanship. He took what you might have thought was useless and insignificant to make something very special – His Home.

Your God given box has a grand purpose whether you live in the desert or in a forest.

Everything that happens to us, whether “good” or “bad”, can be used by God to shape Christ’s character into our lives, which not only lasts for eternity, not only gives hope that we are going “home” someday, but also is a witness to those around us.

Your box is important to your Father, who paid a heavy price for it! Never doubt it. It’s true.

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