“Where you’re going might not be what you were made for.” Anonymous eXtreme Tour artist

This same person wrote: “Why compromise for less than God’s best?/Just do what you do and don’t tell others./What you were made for is so much better than where you’re headed./Today is another opportunity to get it right.”

The moment you placed your faith in Jesus, the Father had a divine plan for your life (Eph. 2:10), which will include struggles and difficult times. Jesus’ life is our example.

The Father’s direction, however, will take us in the only direction that brings fulfillment now with lasting eternal effects. Any other direction, though noble and good, will never fulfill us the way the Father’s direction will.

Are you telling the Father your direction and asking Him to bless it? Getting your direction from others, even “godly” people? It doesn’t work that way.

Follow Jesus’ example. He listened to the Father and did what His Father said to do, even when His buddies rebuked Him for doing it!

Feeling frustrated? It may be that you are going in a direction for which you were not made. Maybe it’s time to slow down and lay out your direction before the Father and let Him tweak or change it completely.

Sound scary? What other option do you have if you want the Father’s best for your time here on earth?

It’s time to trust and put into action going His direction, the one He made you for. And guess what, each day is another day to get it right!

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