Walking without Seeing

The next step may be unknown but the way isn’t.

Where’s the plane???

I was out walking when I heard a plane’s engines roar directly above my head. Yet, it was gone when I looked up to see it or so I thought. It was there alright. I could ‘see’ it with my ears, not my eyes, as the clouds were in the way.

This is faith. We can’t always ‘see’ the next step the Spirit is asking us to take. The Father is simply asking us to trust Him that keeping in step with the Spirit is the best way possible even though we can’t see the results at the moment.

The Spirit is truth and will never mislead you. Jesus is truth and will never leave you. And the Father is truth and will present you before His glorious presence faultless and with great joy.

Your Father is asking you to walk by faith through love. What step is He asking you to take? Ask the Spirit to increase your love for the Father, which should give you the impetus to take that step of faith knowing you’ll only get closer to the One you love.

Living Dead

The beauty of life is seen in the dying.

The writer of Colossians tells his readers they have died and their life is now hidden with Christ. And, when Jesus, who is their life, is revealed, they will also be revealed with Him.

What an interesting truth: We are living dead people!

Dead people can’t think. They are dead. Dead people can’t make decisions. They are dead. Dead people can’t choose as they are dead. Only in the movies do dead people do such things.

Yet, we don’t live in the movies. We “live” in the real world where to those in Christ, death means dying to our way of thinking, to our way of choosing and to our way of “living” because we are dead!

Furthermore, life to a dead person doesn’t make sense because a dead person can’t make sense of anything! They are dead. Jesus believers get all twisted up inside because they are dead people trying to make sense of a broken and dying world that is ever sliding away from the Father.

Therefore, “life” will only make sense as we see life through Jesus’ eyes. This is the essence of the Jesus believer’s hope. Our sin, no matter how small or how big, caused our death. Choosing His death to cover our death is the only way to true living today and for eternity.

Let Jesus bring life into the dead areas of your existence in order to experience true living, His. Let Him choose your path, and then give you the faith and the strength to get and stay on it. Life is to be lived, not merely talked about.

We should be extremely grateful for this hope He provided for us. There is a dead world just dying to see His life in you!

Busyness Doesn’t Equal Godliness

“When we work, we work. When we pray, God works.” Hudson Taylor

The Word of God says, “Keep in step with the Spirit.” Now, let me ask you, “What if He stops walking and stands still?” Are you going to run up his back? You will if you don’t stop.

I ran up His back this past week until I finally stopped. This stopped was why there was no blog last week; and, this week’s is coming on Friday. It wasn’t because I was lazy, either.

It was about the lesson the Father wants us to learn: Busyness doesn’t equal godliness. Our God is self-sufficient, which means He doesn’t need anything from us to make Himself complete. We do. He doesn’t.

Doing stuff for God doesn’t make you anything more or less in the Father’s eyes. He loves and accepts you in Christ, PERIOD. We now do out of being with and love for Him. And, in some cases that’s standing still and “doing nothing” even though it’s on your to-do list to get done.

Doing comes from being in Christ. We do whatever He wants done while being with Him and sometimes that doing is standing still and enjoying the moment in His presence.

You might have heard, “I’d rather burn out for Jesus than rust out.” Where are either in Scripture? Jesus is the rock. The Spirit is the fire. The Father is the power. Can any of those ever rust or burn out?

This walk with God is about being with Him while doing, even if that something is nothing, while being in His presence. This apparent “nothing” allows those around us to see Him in us and ask, “How can you be at peace in such hectic days?”

“I’m glad you asked. Let me tell you about Jesus.” Oh what a witness that will be!