The Rock Works

“On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand.” Hymn

Did you practice the thankfulness exercise last week? I did…partially. I started out strong and it worked. I felt peaceful. My nervous foot stopped bouncing. My stress levels went down. 

And guess what happened when I wasn’t being watchful for those peace robbing situations (see June 1st entry)? I forgot to be thankful, which brought back the bouncing foot and the rising stress levels.

The truths God gives us in His Word are the metaphor Jesus used when He said if we build our life on the rock, we can weather any storm. If we build our life on the sand, however, life can wash us away. 

When we say Jesus is our rock, this is not just a saying or a mere word. The rock must be put into your daily life through implementing His truths into your life. Merely saying the word or a verse is sand. Practicing the truth the Spirit gives you is the rock. 

I had a little of both last week.

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