Fun Times

“My sheep hear My Voice and follow Me.” Jesus

I usually do my work out before I go on my prayer walk. Yet, today my Father had something different in mind. He said to walk and then do the work out.

“Ohhh ok, Lord, let’s do it. You know what You’re asking, though, right?” Part of today’s workout was a 100 burpees. Burn baby burn even more so after a 3.5 mile walk with incline.

As we were walking, He said to stop at a friend’s house to see how they were doing. This wasn’t anything new, but there was something new. After ringing the doorbell, I saw this stone along the pathway to their front door. It read, “Dear child, it’s not following, unless you let Me go first. Love God.” It put a huge smile on my face. Good times.

Let’s be honest. We like normal, whatever that is, because it keeps us in control, which feels good. We resist change because there is the possibility of failure. And, who likes to fail?

Yet, Scripture tells us that we cannot please the Father without taking faith steps, which by its definition means getting out of our comfort zones where failure is possible.

Don’t let your mind stop there, though. Let’s add another truth. Who is the author and perfecter of our faith? Jesus. Who will complete the job He started in us? The Father. Therefore, it’s our faith steps that pleases God where He’s already covered our failures in the process of following Him!

If had stayed in my routine I would have missed this fun moment with my Father. Want the fun times with your God? Ask yourself, “Who’s out front and who are you listening to?” Change can be scary, but it can be fun too, even in the midst of the 100 burpees He did along with me.

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