Turn it Around

Victor or victim is your choice, not your circumstances.

The Bible is the only book that describes reality as it really is, not what we hope, think or want it to be. And, it tells of a real enemy who wants to destroy you. Just ask Daniel.

All he did was do his job with excellence, which created job envy by those who worked for him. These men then wanted him completely out of the picture so they got the boss’s ear and worked their way to getting Daniel a death sentence!

Life happens to us all; and, it’s not always fair either. Some of it is caused by our choices and some by the choices of others. Yet, we love a God who is a redeemer, who can turn sadness into joy…if you play the victor card rather than the victim card.

Victors learn and grow from these sad or hard times, which brings joy. Sadness for them is merely an opportunity to grow. Victims wallow in their bad fortune, focus on and let it consume them. Sadness only mutates in this environment.

James tells us to count it all joy when tough times come our way by taking control of our attitude through focusing on and following Jesus, which leads us to be more like Him – perfect (1:2-4).

But you say, “I can’t become perfect this side of heaven.” True. But you can become more like Jesus, the One you love and has everything you need.

Victims blame circumstances and others. Victors use those same circumstances to become more like Jesus.

Turn that joy robbing situation into a growth opportunity. The choice is yours – become more like Jesus or stay where you’re at, sad.

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