Reflection needs truth and honesty.

There are numerous days and weeks throughout the first half of the Bible where the worshiper was asked by God to spend time reflecting on where they were in case they needed to make a course correction.

One of the reasons we don’t want to spend time reflecting on where we are, though, is because we don’t want to be honest with ourselves. If we spend time reflecting on what God wants to say to us, it might require change.

Yet, if we don’t change course, we’ll keep doing what we are doing. And what should the obvious questions be, “Is what I’m doing right/truthful? Is what I’m doing/thinking pleasing to God?” Might this line of listening show that we are headed in the wrong direction? Ouch, right?

This is why there was another side to these days of reflection. They had sacrifices associated with them. Hmm, I guess we now know why. We might need them upon reflection of where we are.

Yes, Jesus paid the price for all our sin. Yes, there is nothing He won’t forgive. But hear me, Jesus would rather not have to spend time forgiving you when He could spend time enjoying your company!

Instant pleasure brings short-term gains, but long-term pain. Making the course correction now is much easier than it will be later.

Let your daily devotional, quiet time or whatever you call it, be a time of reflection. Hear His voice in the Word. Hear the Spirit evaluate where you are and need to go based on what you heard. And know this, your Father will be right in front smiling as you walk into His arms wherever this journey will take you.

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