God’s Ability Alone

Satan can take something good and make it evil; only God can take something evil and make it good.

I was listening to the story of unspeakable horrors from a speaker who went through them as a child. At one point, he even thought he was crazy as his story was so out there evil.

Could his childhood memories be real? His search led him to a forensic specialist, who ran tests to determine if his memories were real or made up. They were extremely disturbingly real. Satan had turned an innocent childhood into a nightmare of unspeakable experiments and experiences.

After surviving all this, he came to faith in Jesus where his journey toward healing and wholeness began. This journey eventually led him to a supernatural forgiveness of the primary perpetrator of his tortured childhood.

Please don’t give me the line that his past made him who he was today. If we follow that line of reasoning, we might as well call all the horrors done to him as normal, which should be done to people everywhere so they could turn out to be the strong and loving man he is today.

No, what was done was out and out evil that no one should ever experience. Evil exists and it does evil things. Only God, however, can turn unspeakable evil around for good. (Romans 8:28 never says that what is done is good and should be repeated. It only says that God can turn a horrific past into something good in the present.)

This man’s story is one of hope. It shows that forgiveness, inner healing and peace is possible for everyone despite the evil done to them. This man passed this kind of forgiveness onto the perpetrator, who came to saving faith in Jesus. This is truly something only God can do.

We don’t praise God for the manure thrown at us. We do, though, praise God for His ability to make a rose bloom and flourish from it.

God wants to use us to bring hope to a world where unspeakable horrors are taking place. So, let God do what only He can do: turn your past mistakes and those caused by others into something beautiful to His glory and praise.

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