Uncomfortable Peace

It’s okay not to be okay, it’s not okay to stay that way.

I recently read about a study done in the late 1990’s that stated the human brain will continue to grow until the age of 25, after which, it would be a long downhill slide until death.

Scripture, however, disagrees. It states that we are transformed by the renewing of our minds and says nothing about age (Romans 12:2). Life transformation starts in the brain when truth exposes the lies/false thinking stored in it and then is replaced and acted on using the truth. You can read about this process in the book, More Than a Sunday Faith.

New studies have now caught up with Scripture. In scientific terms, you are throwing away old neurons (“taking very thought captive”) and replacing them with new ones (“to make it obedient to Christ”). It’s called neuroplasticity. You can literally change your brain!

Yet, there also exits what I call the between zone: it is the time between the old thoughts being replaced with the new truth-based ones (your old thoughts/flesh battle with the Spirit – Gal. 5:16-18), which means failure can still take place.

I struggle greatly with this zone. I want out of it! I want to be like Jesus now because I don’t want to mess up anymore as I hate feeling like a failure. It’s hard to be okay in the midst of becoming okay!

A good friend once said, “Don’t you think the Father knows this? I mean, His Word tells us that this process won’t be completed until we see Jesus face to face. Until then, He’s factored our failures into His plan. It’s called redemption.”

If I don’t let this truth sink into my brain, my leg will continue to bounce and my frustration will be seen all over my face. Yet, where’s the joy? It’s okay to not be okay as He’s changing me.

I am already at peace with the Father through the peace offering Jesus made on the cross. He knows my heart to be like Him. So, I must let Him do what only He can do…change me.

No, we don’t want the old thinking to hang around. Until that transformation takes place, however, it’s okay to be at peace in the midst of the uncomfortableness. Relax. He’s working in and will continue to work through you despite you. Why? It’s all about Him.

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