When you look into your mind, don’t go alone.

With my mom’s progress toward her homegoing with Jesus, which occurred this past Monday, I’ve been in a time of introspection.

It has been an interesting journey to say the least. I’ve learned quite a bit about myself. I certainly didn’t want to go where He took me where I had tears roll down my cheeks, a lump in my throat, anger at myself and well, I’ll leave names out, forgiveness doled out.

I’ve had to be careful during this time, though. The Father reminded that the Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness, which was, above all, quiet. Jesus didn’t have a smart phone with ear buds to listen to a playlist or a podcast! Nope, He was alone with His thoughts…and the Spirit.

Keep in mind, this was a Father chosen time for Jesus as a man. Would He walk the journey the Father had for Him, no matter what life and/or the enemy threw at Him? And boy, did Jesus encounter some doozies!

If your Father is calling you into a time of introspection, here are few suggestions. One, make sure the Spirit is leading you. This is a time over and above your daily walk conversations. This will be about a specific purpose He wants to accomplish in your life.

Two, listen to and be okay with being alone with Him. He will accomplish His purpose as we participate with Him.

Three, keep your biblical filter operating! Jesus literally heard voices! We don’t know if Satan actually made an appearance, but he sure did speak. You might hear voices as well.

Yet, the Spirit is truth and can only speak truth, even when we don’t want to hear it. So, be ready to filter out any voice/thought that is not His in order to hear what He’s saying to you. He knows the thoughts/old wiring in our brains that need to be removed to make us more like Jesus. Thus, don’t shy away from the tears, lumps and anger that may come.

Lastly, don’t be afraid of where He may take you – no matter how recent or far back that may be. Nothing can be off limits. He wants you closer to Him, and knowledge alone can’t do it. It’s a choice for life, His life in you.

Introspection is a process the Father uses in the Spirit’s power to draw us closer to Himself. May you enter it willingly and exit it victoriously. Jesus did and so can you.

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