Rejoice in the Small Victories

Even the smallest seed of faith is rewarded.

A few weeks back, I wrote in Uncomfortable Peace about the between zone. It’s the place in time where you exist between when the Father begins and ends the process of conforming you into the image His Son in a particular area.

I mentioned that being in this zone is difficult for me. I want to be like Jesus now, not some indefinite time in the future. I pray for the miracle of instantaneous change, but the reality is that Jesus uses the day-to-day process of choosing Him in my life.

What am I to do while being in the between zone? Learn to appreciate how difficult it was for Jesus to stay holy throughout His entire life. I need to rejoice in the fact that He made the right choice each and every time, in all areas of His life simultaneously. Without it, He couldn’t die for your or my sin.

Therefore, while in the process of change, rejoice. He is changing you one small victory after another small victory. Again, He says rejoice.

Before, you’d just sin. Now, you start catching yourself. Victory. You sense your triggers being pulled to think and act in a sinful way. Victory. The old mindset/behavior creeps to the surface and you ask yourself, “Why am I doing what I’m doing?” Victory.

Now, you stop to ask the Holy Spirit to empower you before heading down that sinful path you were about to go (could be thoughts, words or actions). Victory. Next, you catch yourself asking for His help to reset your thinking by focusing on the truth He wants to implement into your life. Victory. And finally, you discover yourself asking for the faith to act on that truth. Life change. Victory.

Each victory is a small step in the process of a changed life. Yes, they are small victories, but victories none-the-less. Rejoice in those small victories.

As you keep achieving small victories, you’ll move further down the path to becoming like Jesus tomorrow; so, rejoice today!

Yes, it’s okay to be okay while becoming okay. You are taking steps in the right direction. You are experiencing the Spirit make you more like Jesus, the ultimate victory. Therefore, rejoice in the Lord, today.

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