hagarOne of the daily comics, Hagar the Horrible, I read was very insightful.
In the first panel Hagar, who is overweight, is sitting on a stool in his doctor’s office. He says, “Dr. Zook, I’m so out of shape I can’t even walk up a flight of stairs.”
The doctor replies, “Ah-Ha! What does that tell you that you should do?” The doctor was hoping, after all these years, to get his client to lose some weight.
In the second panel Hagar replies, “Sell my castle?”
Do you really want to see the Spirit change your life or do you want to play games like Hagar? How’s your reading and listening to Jesus in the Word coming along so far after seven days? If you’re serious about getting closer to Jesus, you must allow the Spirit to guide you into the truths you need to hear. These truths are found in the Word of God. There’s no sense complaining about the stairs unless you’re willing to do what Jesus, The Doctor, says to do.
S“E”t Free Nowww

Life Without Pain is Miserable

discomfort“What in the world are you talking about?” Before you stop reading, let me explain.
A few days ago the index finger on my right hand started hurting. I didn’t have a clue how it happened, but a tiny splinter of wood entered the last digit. After seeing it through a magnifying glass I was eventually able to get it out.
We live in a fallen world where some of the information that makes its way to our brains lines up with the truth and some of it doesn’t. The lies, if allowed to remain, will lead to behaviors (aka sin) that will bring great discomfort to our lives.
Once we start to feel the pain from our bad choices, we have a choice to make. We can either deal with it by allowing the Holy Spirit to use our biblical tools (i.e. Set Free Nowww) to remove the lie causing the discomfort or we can ignore the pain and continue to experience the negative side effects of sin (i.e. guilt, shame, ruined relationships, etc.)
All lies will eventually cause pain. It doesn’t matter whether they are big or small, or how or who put them there. The issue is will the pain drive me to hear Jesus on how to stop it? If I didn’t feel pain I wouldn’t have known about the splinter, which if left in could have meant the loss of that digit.
Life without pain would just be plain miserable. Though we don’t seek the consequences of our bad choices, we can use them to allow the Spirit to draw us closer to the One who has the good stuff we seek – Jesus.
Set Free Now“W”w

Catch The Vision

catch the visionDuring one of the lowest times of our nation, we had a president who dared Americans to dream again. He said, “It’s time for us to realize that we’re too great a nation to limit ourselves to small dreams. … We have every right to dream heroic dreams.” He was trying to refocus our attention onto what we could become rather than on our current challenges.
God is trying to do the very same thing with His children – those who have put their faith in Jesus. Today is the day to stop focusing on the challenges that lead you to your drugs of choice and to start believing what you can do each day in Christ.
You can have victory…today (Phil. 4:13). You can make right choices…today (Rom. 6:11-14). You can ask God to give you a bigger picture of what He can do in and through you…today (Eph. 3:20). You can do the “good works” in your personal, family, professional/career, financial, recreational life…today (Eph. 2:10).
Please. Stop listening to the enemy who wants to make you think your nothing but a low life. Please. Start listening to the One Who loves and believes in you – Jesus. I dare you to catch the vision He has for your life. I know He will fulfill that vision (Ps. 138:8). Man, what a ride that will be when you do!
“S”et Free Nowww

Shining Brightly

light in darkIt’s the ordinary deeds of ordinary people on ordinary days that shine the brightest in a dark world. Living with a biblical world is about everyday learning how to filter all the messages we hear using the Set Free Nowww tools so we can hear Jesus and do what He says in our every day lives. This process leads us to do the “good works that God prepared for us to walk in” each day.
It’s the little decisions, not just the big ones, which make a big difference in our lives and in the lives those around us. As one small candle can light up a dark room, one person following Jesus can light up a very dark world.
In Christ you can make a huge impact on the world in which you live. You are not some worm! You are a child of God. Make the decision to pick up your tools and follow Jesus each day. Not only will your drugs of choice disappear, but you’ll also draw people to the Light.

“S”et Free Nowww

Control Over Your Choices Not Your Challenges

choicesToday marks the first day of a new year. Living with a biblical worldview as I do, I know this year will contain challenges. Where and when, I don’t know. I do know they are coming though.
The reason I know this to be true is that Hebrews 12 tells me that God allows challenges to come our way in order to bring us closer to Him. In this way we experience more of the “good stuff” Jesus came to bring to us. So when those challenges come this year, instead of asking God, “Why is this happening?” why not ask, “Lord, how do you want me to respond?”
We have no control over the challenges. As secure children of God we do have total control over how we’ll respond to those challenges. Choose to allow Jesus to exchange more of you with Him this year. You’ll be extremely glad you did.

“S”et Free Nowww