Where Real Revolution Starts

Public domain image, royalty free stock photo from www.public-domain-image.comJesus was a true revolutionary; yet not as one might think. One author put it this way. “Jesus never taught revolution, the kind with swords and battles and bloodshed. He talked about a revolution of love. Love your neighbor. Love your enemy. It’s a revolution that changes a person to be able do something even that impossible.”
Jesus told the Twelve that those around us would see Him in us through two outwardly visible signs: the way we love each other (Jn. 13:34-35) and how we work as a team (Jn. 17:20-23). Love and getting along with others is a mark of a Jesus believer because it goes against the we naturally think and act.
We have a tendency to protect “I” at all costs. Thus, even after salvation, reducing the “I” and raising up Jesus is a struggle (“we demolish pretensions” – 2 Cor. 10:5). Every person on this planet wants to be loved and accepted by someone, but it takes supernatural power to do it!
Want to be a Jesus revolutionary? Ask the Spirit to empower you today to love the person(s) in your life that are the hardest to love. Let Him show you how to express His love in practical ways so they will see Jesus in you. As you do, you’ll be part of a revolution that changes the world.
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Peace Through War

peace through warIt’s been said, “Nothing guarantees the triumph of evil like refusing to fight it. Great evil is therefore never defeated by peace activists, but by superior military might.”
For the believer in Christ, inward peace comes through spiritual warfare (Eph. 6:10-18). We stand firm when the enemy attacks, not sit down in a peace circle or run. We can win each battle, not because of who we are, but because of Whose we are – Jesus’. He has given us superior military capabilities – the armor of God.
We have peace with and of God going into battle knowing that our cause is righteous – becoming more like Jesus (feet fitted); the ability to win in each situation we face (breastplate of righteousness), a victorious strategy to follow (belt of truth); and, a shield to stand behind when life’s arrows start flying (shield of the faith). We start from a position of strength not weakness, wholeness not ineptness (helmet of salvation). We’ve got a source of truth that cuts through the enemy’s propaganda (sword of the Spirit) and a power source that gives us the strength and how to use them all (pray in the Spirit on all occasions).
War is not desirable, but it’s inevitable for the believer. Victory is already ours, but we’ve got to fight.
S“E”t Free Now“W”w

Who’s Following Who?

walking 2A recording artist, who had contracted cancer, tells the story of one of his songs. He was asked, “Do you follow the Lord?” He said, “Certainly.” Then after thinking about it some more, he thought, “Do I really follow the Lord around each day or do I ask Him to follow me around?”
Who’s following who? Your conversations with Jesus, or prayer, is one way to reveal what’s true in your life. Are you doing most of the talking or is He? He surely talks to us as we listen to Him in the Scriptures. He also likes to talk to us as we are quiet before Him.
It’s a safe bet you’re asking Him to follow you around, if you’re not seeking to hear His voice throughout your day everywhere you go. If you want to be near the source of all you need in life, Jesus, follow Him around. It might mean slowing down a little. A noisy world and mind make it hard to hear.
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Just Soar!

EIELSON AIR FORCE BASE, Alaska -- A KC-135R Stratotanker, 168th Air Refueling Wing, Alaska Air National Guard, flies in formation with two F-16 Fighting Falcons from the 18th Fighter Squadron, and two A-10 WarThe Lord gave me, through my Bible Impact partner, a great analogy of being free in Christ. Imagine you’re in a plane flying home. It’s a long flight that will mean refueling quite a few times. You have two options. You can refuel in the air by hooking up with a fuel tanker. This would keep you soaring above the hassles on the ground and enjoying your journey home.
Or, you can land and encounter all the hassles that go with it: pilots who are rushing to get to their gate, grouchy air controllers giving various commands, possible landing gear malfunctions, and/or whatever other temptations that come along with being on the ground.
All illustrations have their limitations, but this story clicked with me. Because of what Jesus has already done in me (Col. 2:10), I was meant to soar. So why land? I am God’s masterpiece (Eph. 2:10) and an awesome child of God (John 1:12) through faith in what Jesus did for me, not what I do for Him. Why land? I was meant to experience the peace and quiet of soaring above the clouds through rejoicing and staying in contact with the Prince of Peace (Phil. 4:4-7). Why land?
We have simple choices, but hard decisions to make each day either to land or to soar. We can either land in places full of temptations or keep soaring by asking the Spirit for the strength to keep our minds and hearts on the things above (Col. 3:1). I know what I’m pray’n.
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Simple Choice, Hard Decision

decisionsI love spending time in and with the Word of God. I get so much out of doing both. And for the most part, it’s quite plain what I need to do after being in it. It’s in the execution of that truth that the decision appears to become hard.
Just recently, the Lord convicted me of how little I ask the Spirit of God for help. It’s almost like I’m expecting to exercise the truth by faith in my own power, rather than in being empowered by the Spirit.
We were never meant to follow Jesus in our own ability or strength. We’d be patting ourselves on the back rather than praising our great and awesome Savior if that were true. In order to become more like and closer to Jesus, we need both the Word and the Spirit of God.
The what is often simple. The how is the difficult part…only if we choose to make it that way. The next decision you face to follow Jesus, ask the Spirit to empower you to exercise the truth He gave you by faith; and then, watch Him work. You’ll definitely have something to give praise for in your next Bible Impact session.
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