Go in Already!

Tabernacle veil and entranceThe Tabernacle had two curtains – one at the entrance to the Tabernacle itself and one between the two rooms inside the Tabernacle – the Most Holy Place and the Holy Place. God dwelt in the Most Holy Place behind the second curtain called a veil. Only one person once a year could enter that room.
Yet, the moment Jesus died that veil was torn in two (Matt. 27:51) so that any and all believers in Jesus could stay there 24/7 (Hebrews 10:19ff). But you must choose to enter! Remember, the curtain at the entrance is still up. Security and safety are found by living in God’s presence, but you choose to enter!
Any place, thing or person we turn to for our security and safety, other than Jesus, is outside the tent. Where are you going to feel safe and secure in an ever changing world? In your mind, picture yourself going through the entrance curtain to sit inside to enjoy the safety and security Jesus has provided for you. Go ahead. Come on, go in already!
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Stop Kicking!

cattle prongA cattle prong (pictured) is a modern day goad. It was used by farmers to get their stubborn ox going in the direction they wanted the ox to go. At times the ox would kick at the goad because it didn’t want to move. Yet, the more the ox kicked, the more pain it experienced from the goad sticking them. Solution? Surrender and get moving.
Apparently Paul was resisting the Lord’s invitation to eternal life (Acts 9:5; 26:14). It eventually took being blinded to get Paul’s attention. What will it take to get your attention and eventual surrender?
Let me tell you from experience. When the Lord wants to change your life, surrender is hard, but it sure feels better than the pain of the struggle. You can fight the process of change or surrender to it. It’s your choice. Take it from me, peace is better than pain any day of the week.
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Small and Large Signficance

hydrogenOne web author explained atoms like this, “Suppose you had to build a world exactly like the one we live in. Where would you start? You’d need people…houses…animals… trees…and billions of other things. But if you had a few dozen different types of atoms, you could build all these things and more: you’d just join the atoms together in different ways.”
Take one hydrogen atom, which can’t be seen with the naked human eye, add another hydrogen and one oxygen and you get water! A life giving and sustaining community arises when just three atoms together.
Each believer is not only in Christ, but Christ is in them (2 Cor. 11:10). Each seemingly small and insignificant believer, like those atoms, when combined with other believers can make a large difference in the lives of those around them. Kind of gives new meaning to “where two or three are gathered in My name, there I am among them” doesn’t it?
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Run Into Jesus

Tabenacle frontLet’s take another run at the phrase in Christ. Last time I said, “One process kills self, while another simply keeps self under control. Truth is, both are hard!” What do you do when it gets hard to kill self? Run into Christ…literally.
Jesus became flesh or tabernacled (John 1:14). This is a direct reference to the time when God lived in a tent (Exodus 40:34). The entire Tabernacle is a picture of who Jesus is and what He did for us.
This Tabernacle is also a picture of a stronghold that we can run into when life gets tough. In your mind, picture yourself literally running into the tabernacle much like the one pictured here. As you run inside, sit down and be surrounded by Jesus. He is the tent, which gets you out of life’s storms, the heat of life’s battle and the cold indifference of this world. He brings light to your decisions (lampstand), fulfillment to life’s uncertainties (showbread/Bread of Life), and the presence of power when you’re weak (Incense altar and Ark).
Don’t run into the strongholds within your mind thinking they will make you safe. They can’t. Instead, tear them down (2 Cor. 10:4) and run into Jesus, the tent. Find peace and comfort by literally being in Christ within the walls of your mind. He’s the only one who can keep you perfectly safe despite what rages on around you.
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In Christ – Pt. 1

Love JesusIt’s a little phrase in Scripture, but it packs a lot of power – in Christ. It doesn’t mean in you, but in Him. A duh moment, maybe. But is it?
Healthy believers continually learn to die to self rather than deny self! You can stop sinning all day. You can choose not to over eat. You can choose not to let certain words fly from your mouth. You can choose not to let your blood boil. However, all you’re doing is denying yourself from making certain choices, which still leaves you in control!
Life change comes when you face a choice to eat, to say choice words or to let your temperature rise and instead ask Jesus, “What do you want me to do?” Ask Him for the faith to choose it and the Spirit for the strength to do it.
This is dying to rather than denying self. One process kills self, while another simply keeps self under control. Truth is, both are hard!
One keeps us in control where the other lets Jesus take control. One is short-term thinking, which leads to short term change (i.e. cycle of addiction) where the other is long-term thinking, which leads to eternal change.
Daily learn to be in Christ and less in yourselves by making the choice to die to rather simply deny self.
“S”et Free Nowww