Rack Solid Friends

According to James 5:16, we walk this journey to become like Jesus together with other believers. BUT, we must be careful who that walking partner is!
It’s’ been said that a picture paints a thank words. What does this one have to say about who you are listening too? Jesus and His Word and friends who strive to do the same?
Just something to think about.
Set Free Noww“W”

Real Choice Today

choices 3My time sure flies. I can’t believe January is almost done. There is a problem with that statement. Time is constant. It never flies like a bird or crawls like a turtle. It simply is. How we use it in the now becomes the issue.
It’s been said, “We are often so caught up in the past and the future that we fail to see that our real choices are right now.” Our choices today can be the smile on our face tomorrow or the sadness of yesterday. Your choices in the present affect your future.
Jesus gives us security and strength to make our choices from strength that leads to those smiles rather than weakness that turns it into a frown. Each choice you make, each step you take, can lead to becoming more like Jesus.
You were given the power of choice at the cross. Focus on its use today, leave tomorrow and yesterday to Him.
“S”et Free Nowww

Living Upwards

living upWho do you want to control your life – others, yourself or Jesus? I know you know the acceptable answer, but is it actually true in your life?
Someone once wrote, “We often have pre-conceived notions of who we are and what we are capable of accomplishing.” Being born-again is a game changer for the believer. We have someone who tells us the truth about our self, what we can accomplish and what we can become.
Are we living up to that truth or living down to what our pasts or others tell us? “Don’t be afraid of discovering that the ‘real you’ may be different than the ‘current you.’” Don’t let your current thinking define you. Christ is so much bigger and has so much more to tell you. Keep listening and following Him and you’ll live up to who He made you to be, which is much more than you could ever imagine and far more enjoyable.
You are an awesome secure child of God. Now, go let Jesus tell you what that means on a daily basis.
“S”et Free Nowww

He Sees All and Still Cares

Jesus seesSomeone once said, “What brightens the heart is natural phenomena – lakes and mountains, a gorgeous landscape. It lifts us up and carries us to happy places. Not so with trauma. We look away from the homeless woman on the street because if we do not notice her, she does not exist. The eye can be very selfish.”
Our God doesn’t have selected eyesight. He sees our pain (emotionally and/or physically, self-inflicted or caused by others) and wants to relieve it. He knows it can be the source of some of our less than stellar life choices.
Exodus 2:25 states, “God looked on the Israelites and was concerned about them.” The Israelites were made slaves by Egypt. God didn’t cause it, but He certainly saw it and was going to do something about it.
God looks on us and is concerned as well. He sees into the center of our hearts and minds; cares about what’s there; and, is willing and able to do something about it. You’re an awesomely secure child of God because of what Jesus did. Your heavenly Father cares about you. He wants to relieve the source, whatever it is, of what causes you to run to your drugs of choice rather than to Him, which will save you from the pain you’ll experience after taking it.
You God sees you and cares! Take a look His way. You will feel better.
“S”et Free Nowww

Stop Walking and Weeds Creep In

weed whackedThis photo might not look like much, but it paints a terrible picture. Before the latest Southern California real estate crash, the owners of this land were preparing the ground to build new homes. It was left abandoned after the crash and weeds and trees grew throughout this parcel. You could barely see any of the grading that had been done. Now, the economy is ready for them to start building, which meant they had to first take the time and money to clear the land back to the earlier point. This is what you’re now looking at in the photo.
The terrible picture for you and me is this: If we stop going forward in our walks with Jesus because life gets tough, weed thoughts will enter our brains and take root. These new thoughts can not only mask the good stuff that had been produced in your life, but can also take you more time and effort to uproot them later just to get back to where you were!
I’m not saying that grace and mercy cease. What I am saying is what Paul wrote in Galatians 6:7, we reap what we sow. We live in a fallen world that desires to plant weeds in our minds. If we stop walking with the Spirit, those seeds will get into our brains. If left unchecked by a continual stagnant life, those seeds will grow into weeds that will later have to be removed if we want to further get closer to Jesus.
The moral of this story is this: We may not control the world around us, but we can control the world within. Let’s save ourselves headaches tomorrow, by walking with Jesus today.
Set Free Now“W”w