Existing vs. Living

“If one is fortunate enough to find meaning in one’s life, there is a greater chance of avoiding depression and protecting one’s level of cognition.” a Holocaust Survivor

To have lived in the midst of a hellish experience defies words. Yet, to this holocaust survivor, it was the difference between existing or living in the midst of death.

Jesus said He came to bring life. Keep in mind, He was speaking to living, breathing people. His words have to mean more than what they appear.

Life is more than existing. To feel alive is to have purpose to one’s existence. You’ll feel alive only by fulfilling that purpose despite the circumstances in which you may find yourself, however harsh that may be.

Scripture tells the story of two women: one who was very busing but not living; and one who was seemingly existing but was living. You know them as Martha and Mary. Jesus gently corrected the one while praising the other.

Busyness is about existing as you get things done simply because you want to check them off a list. Fulfillment comes as you check off getting things done that align with your God-given purpose.

The moment you became God’s child through faith in Jesus, you were given a divine purpose that not only will make you feel alive today, but will have eternal value as well.

You were created in Christ Jesus to more than fill a space on this planet. You were created with a purpose. Don’t sell yourself short.

Search your God for the purpose He has for you. You will feel alive despite what’s taking place in the world around you.

No Excuses

We are where we are, exactly in the condition we are in, because of our choices.

I overheard this the other day. “I read the Bible consistently. I pick it up once or twice a week.” This person actually said this with a straight face.

I chuckled to myself, “If they only knew where all their excuses for not picking it up more often was going to lead them.”

Fake news and deception are on the rise. And, it will only get worse as humanity plunges toward the chaotic world of a fake Jesus.

The latest research shows that only 10% of Western Christian Boomers, 7% of Gen X, 6% of Millennials and 4% of Gen Z will be able to see through this person’s deception. They are quite frankly not in the Book enough to know how to hear from the true Jesus in any given situation they encounter.

The excuse that “it’s the pastor’s job” to tell them what Jesus thinks or to make disciples simply does not square with what Jesus said in Matthew 28:18-20. It’s the job of every Jesus follower.

You, yes, you can be used of God to pass on to others how to hear from and follow Jesus for themselves. Not sure how? Click the Resources tab an, read about Bible Impact Groups and get started!

Want additional tools to be able to hear from Jesus directly for yourself in order to pass on? Click the Resources tab, and read about the Disciple Training Center. It’s one four-week course per quarter free of charge via Zoom. After which, you’ll get better at hearing from Jesus for yourself in order to pass on to others what you’ve learned!

The Spirit is waiting to use you! Make the choice, no matter your age, to make Jesus disciples who can hear directly from to follow Him!


It’s not how busy you are, but why you are busy. Bees are praised. Mosquitos are swatted!

A good friend once said. “One may not like the answer, but it makes it no less truth and no less reality. One can choose to live according to one’s preferred answer, with the ultimate result of one being a wrecking force within reality.”

We currently live in a world where being safe and feeling good are the prime movers in right or wrong. Both are destructive forces if being safe and feeling good come at the cost of freedom.

Jesus fulfilled His purpose, despite not feeling good or being safe. Yet, He brought freedom, healing and wholeness to our lives.

Fulfill your God given purpose by listening to and following Jesus. As you do, you’ll be a healing agent to a hurting world.

Will it always feel good? No. Will it always be safe? Not a chance! But, is it the most fulfilling path to take? Yes.

A wrecking force or building agent? Thank the Lord, the flowers and the bees get it!