Fun Times

“My sheep hear My Voice and follow Me.” Jesus

I usually do my work out before I go on my prayer walk. Yet, today my Father had something different in mind. He said to walk and then do the work out.

“Ohhh ok, Lord, let’s do it. You know what You’re asking, though, right?” Part of today’s workout was a 100 burpees. Burn baby burn even more so after a 3.5 mile walk with incline.

As we were walking, He said to stop at a friend’s house to see how they were doing. This wasn’t anything new, but there was something new. After ringing the doorbell, I saw this stone along the pathway to their front door. It read, “Dear child, it’s not following, unless you let Me go first. Love God.” It put a huge smile on my face. Good times.

Let’s be honest. We like normal, whatever that is, because it keeps us in control, which feels good. We resist change because there is the possibility of failure. And, who likes to fail?

Yet, Scripture tells us that we cannot please the Father without taking faith steps, which by its definition means getting out of our comfort zones where failure is possible.

Don’t let your mind stop there, though. Let’s add another truth. Who is the author and perfecter of our faith? Jesus. Who will complete the job He started in us? The Father. Therefore, it’s our faith steps that pleases God where He’s already covered our failures in the process of following Him!

If had stayed in my routine I would have missed this fun moment with my Father. Want the fun times with your God? Ask yourself, “Who’s out front and who are you listening to?” Change can be scary, but it can be fun too, even in the midst of the 100 burpees He did along with me.

Beyond Comfort

“My goal is God Himself, not joy nor peace, nor even blessing, but Himself, my God.” Oswald Chambers

After 50 years of marriage, my mother-in-law shocked my father-in-law. We were at a Harley Davidson store at the base of Denali where she purchased an eagle based theme Harley t-shirt. This left my father-in-law speechless!

After 50 years of marriage, he was still learning about his bride. In fact, a few years later she took it a little further when she wanted to ride a Harley for her birthday, which she did!

You should have seen the smile on his face. 50 years of getting to know each other and there were still nice surprises along the way.

We get an eternity worth of time to experience those surprises with our God. Ever think why need an eternity? It is because He is by nature eternal.

Scripture can only contain so much about Who God is. Thus, we get an endless amount of “time” in order to experience all there is to know about Him. An innumerable amount  of nice surprises lay ahead of us, starting now.

Peace. Experienced it. Love. Known that. Joy. Pretty nice. Why do we keep asking for these when there are other aspects of God’s character just waiting to be explored?

I think Chambers had it right. Our goal in life should be God Himself, nothing more, nothing less. God wants us to resist settling for anything or anyone short of Him by drawing closer to Him.

Don’t settle for facts already known. Experience more of His character transformed into your character that sometimes is learned through being pushed beyond your comfort zone.

You love an eternal God. Spend time getting to know Him in ways you’ve never before known. How about starting now? Get into the Word and ask Him, “Lord show me something about you that I need to experience.” Guess what? He will.

Long Memories

What God has done is meant for daily consumption not special occasions.

Peter sees someone who looks like Jesus walking toward him on the water. He says, “If it is you, Lord, command me to get out of the boat.” To which Jesus says, “Come on out, the water is fine.”

Up to this point, Peter had seen Jesus do countless miracles, including just a few hours earlier watching Him calm a raging storm and whitewater type waves in an instant. Peter saw God work. The question was, would he remember?

Part of the definition of stress is to experience something new to you where the possibility of failure is quite real. Peter was experiencing something new – walking on water. And there was a real possibility of failure – drowning. Peter was stressing out!

Stress reduction, however, is to remember what God has already done; thus it’s not new. Peter had just seen Jesus exert power over storms and waves. Jesus was now asking him to remember that fact. Peter couldn’t fail because Jesus had already done it! Walla, peace instead of stress.

Just like Peter, we stress out when we forget what our God has already done. And this stress leads us to make all kinds of stupid choices, like drowning in our drugs of choice – short-term pleasure (sin).

The Psalmist commands us to “be still and know that God is God.” We are to have long memories through remembering what He has already done. He can do it again.

My friends, it’s time to stay out of the boat to keep knowing our God in new and fresh ways.


“I find joy in everyday life, not because life is good, but because God is.”

The LORD is good. We are not, but as He gives us Himself, we get goodness. Therefore, we can now do good, which we could never do before, let alone do enough “good” to earn a space in heaven or to get on His good side.

His goodness is part of what makes us want to keep talking with Him (1 Thess. 5:17). We come away feeling good through being in the presence of goodness, God Himself, so why leave it?

I pray that His goodness shines through you today, my friends, so that those around you will see the goodness of God and want Him in their live as He is in yours.