Don’t Miss His Presence

elephantsI was having my Jesus walk-talk in the middle of an aspen and pine tree filled forest (so there were houses in the middle of it!) with a roaring stream racing down the side of the road with beautiful views of the snow-covered Rocky Mountains when it hit me.
It’s not about how far, fast or what I do on my journey, but who I travel it with. A lot of my stress, thus temptation to take my drugs of choice, comes from being so focused on where Jesus wants me to be and what He wants me to do, all good things, that I miss the point of the journey in the first place…hanging out in His presence.
The Father sent Jesus to this earth to not only pave the way to live in His presence, where true satisfaction and fulfillment are found (Ps. 107:1,9), but to show us how to stay there as well. Jesus is my holiness. He makes me perfect/like Him. Jesus is my righteousness, the ability to do whatever He asks. And, He is my redemption, meaning only He can turn my failures into victory as I try to listen to and follow Him (1 Cor. 1:30).
Who are you choosing to walk this journey called life with? The life you were meant to live is about being with and hanging out with Jesus today, tomorrow and on into eternity. Anyone or anything else leaves you susceptible to your drug of choice, which only leaves you stressed, empty and exhausted. Don’t miss the opportunity to be in His presence today. It sure makes life’s journey much more enjoyable.
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True Center

eye_on_JesusMost of those who’ve been martyred for their belief in Jesus have been ordinary people like you and me. Rachel Scott was such a person. You can read her story in her parent’s book called Rachel’s Tears. I’d like to challenge us with a couple of its entries.
Rachel “was aware of how often she failed to be faithful to God, but she did not get frustrated and give up; her flaws helped her remain humble before God and dependent on Him for her sense of balance and satisfaction.”
She also knew that her security came from “understanding what it means to be in Christ, and significance comes from understanding that the Christian walk is not me being somebody. It’s not me being famous. It’s not me being great. It’s Jesus being Himself in me.”
We all make mistakes…throughout our day, let alone our lives. Will it make us more dependent on ourselves to overcome them or on Jesus living in and through us? Because of what Jesus did for and in us, we are a secure children of God. Will we allow our minds to dwell on our inadequacies or Jesus’ sufficiency?
The moment we put our faith in Jesus life, ceased to be about us and about Him. Rachel was just an everyday girl with everyday struggles like the rest of us. Yet this teenage young woman chose to draw closer to her Jesus; and, is in fact today touching millions of lives for Jesus because of it.
Let’s choose to be Jesus centered rather than, well, the opposite isn’t worth mentioning.
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Trust Is Hard

trust in GodI don’t know about you, but I’ve often asked myself, “Lord, why can’t I trust You even though You’ve never hurt me?”
The question is easily answered. I trust myself more than I trust Him. Self-preservation is a strong motivator. Self-protection, especially when people have let me down, even Christians, is a tremendous barrier to overcome. Yet if I’m honest with myself, self or “I” really isn’t worth protecting or preserving.
By taking my drug of choice, I end up hurting myself and in some cases others as well. With that in mind, you’d think it would be easy to follow Jesus; yet it’s not. The battle between choosing Jesus or me is huge. In fact, the language of 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 is that I must declare war on the part of my own mind that wants to lift me up (NIV “pretensions” or KJV “every high thing”)!
I must choose to declare war on myself through exercising the truth by faith or making what’s called contrary choices, meaning I must choose to go against my thinking and my feelings and choose to trust Jesus instead. It sounds easy to read, but it’s very hard to practice. Trusting someone other than myself always is.
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Yes, It Works!

worksYou should have seen the beaming ear to ear smile on their face; the wrinkles on their forehead smooth out; and, the muscles in their neck relax as they confessed to what was going on their life. It was an awesome site to behold the Word of God coming true.
James 5:16 states that we are to confess our sins to at least one other believer so healing (aka peace and stress and anxiety release) can take place through the prayer of the one being confessed to.
I hear people say, “I’m only to confess to Jesus.” This is true if it were only about forgiveness for the sin. The context of James is not about forgiveness, though. It’s about the healing from the negative consequences of that sin and a changed life to not sin in that area again.
When this person opened up, let out what was going on inside, and then was prayed for, they were able to experience the life Jesus, the Word of God, promised. This is what Bible Impact Groups are all about – the Spirit of God using the Word of God to change lives through the prayers of the people of God. (You can read more about BIGs under Resources at
Who is praying very specifically for you because you’ve let them into your world? I can name those in my life. Can you? You will if you want to become more like Jesus and experience the reality of the Word of God come true in your life.
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Secure, not Screwed up, Children of God

secure 1“I once had a boss who gave me some great advice, not just for managing people but for judging politicians: You forgive mistakes; you punish patterns. Everybody screws up. But if someone won’t learn from his mistakes and try to correct his behavior, then he either doesn’t think it was a mistake, he just doesn’t care or he thinks you’re a fool,” wrote the author.
“Just because your life’s screwed up doesn’t mean you have to be a or give you the right to screw up.” Scripture tells me that I won’t be like Jesus until I see Him (Phil. 1:6; 1 Jn. 3:1-3). And yet, it also states that I can choose to become more like Him with each choice I make today (Rom. 6:11-14).
Yeah, life my may stink because of my less than stellar choices; but, I am a secure children of God, not a screw up! I can learn to fail forward, meaning I can use the FREEdom process to learn from my screw ups not to screw up next time. And so can you!
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